Nutsack Ultra-Fresh Nuts

A Nutsack™ is the hand stamped paper sack loaded with ultra-fresh, perfectly roasted nuts that people can’t keep their hands off.

The Threesome Nutsack

Funny, but how are the nuts?

The nuts are amazing. In fact, many people first buy a Nutsack because of the name, but become repeat customers because the nuts are so fresh and delicious. Yes, they’re that good.

What kind of nuts are available?

We load our Nutsacks with premium quality, roasted/salted almonds, cashews, pecans, or pistachios. We also have a premium mix that will knock your socks off (if you wear socks) and two seasoned Nutsacks. So go on, grab a Nutsack, toss a few nuts in your mouth, and discover for yourself why “you never forget your first Nutsack.”

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The Nutsack Guy

The Nutsack Guy

Hey, I’m Bill, but a lot of people just call me Nutsack. Anyway, welcome to Nutsack Foods, the crazy little company I started at the end of 2014. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my nuts with people all over the world and have met thousands of amazing people. You could say it’s been nuts!

I invite you to browse the website, have a look at my nuts, then grab a sack. You’ll be amazed by the quality & freshness of my nuts and will never forget the first time you pop them into your mouth.

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