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Seven Health Benefits Of Almonds

27 May, 2020

Almonds make a sweet, tasty addition to your diet and provide a variety of health benefits. Almonds grow on trees native to the Mediterranean, Northern Africa and Southern Europe. Almond trees thrive in sunny dry and warm climates and were introduced to California from Spain in the 1700's by Franciscan Monks. California is the only US state that produces almonds commercially and produces over 2.2 billion pounds each year.

Spring Training Necessities

20 February, 2018

It's time once again for Spring Training in Arizona and Robyn Moore from Mack Media Relations put together a nice little segment on AZTV's AZ Daily Mix to get you ready for the games.

13 Reasons Why

07 November, 2017

We put together thirteen reasons why you need to grab a Nutsack today! Learn which nut has the most antioxidants, why you should thank the bees, and which nut shell is actually toxic.

The SKYLER IRVINE Show with Bill Sutherland

10 October, 2017

I sat down with Skyler Irvine to talk about nuts, friends, farmer's markets, Shop on the Hill, San Francisco verses Phoenix and why I started this nutty little snack food company.

Nutsack Foods on AZTV7's Arizona Daily Mix

28 March, 2017

Here is the Arizona Daily Mix segment about Nutsack Foods that aired on March 27th 2017. Learn about how we got started and what's next for this nutty company.

Watch Bill on KAZTV AZ Daily Mix

26 March, 2017

This should be fun! We'll be talking Nutsacks and more, Monday morning on the AZ Daily Mix. Learn why Bill started this nutty company, and where he's taking it next.

Your Life A to Z featured our nuts this week

09 November, 2016

In case you missed it... here is the Your Life A to Z from 3TV segment featuring Nutsack Foods, Iconic Cocktail Co., Lifetime Leather Co., and Lafayette Avenue Ceramics.

Nutsacks on TV

07 November, 2016

Be sure to watch Your Life A to Z on Channel 3 today at 10am to learn more about Nutsack Foods and other great local companies like Iconic Cocktail Co and Lifetime Leather Co.

In Honor of Labor Day 2016

05 September, 2016

I started Nutsack Foods almost two years ago, out of frustration and desperation. I saw it as an opportunity for change, to blend humor and health for a good cause, and take control of my future.

Since then my weekends have changed the most. No more sleeping in or taking off for a quick weekend getaway with the family.

Friday night means it's time to stay up late filling Nutsacks. I crank up the music and into the zone. It's kinda like being at a nightclub, without the crowd, or the lights, or the drinks, or... hmm... ok it's nothing like a nightclub, but at least I get to dance.

Saturday I'm up early to load the car and head to the farmer's market. I get to introduce Nutsacks to new visitors, and high-five my loyal customers as they return to reload their sack. It's the most draining day of the week but also the most rewarding. I love making people smile.

Sunday you'll find me hand stamping paper sacks so they are ready to be filled as soon as I receive an order. I don't keep a bunch of bags filled. These babies are born when you order them. Hence the 'Ultra-Fresh' part of the brand.

Am I complaining? Not at all. I'm working toward a goal of controlling my future, for me, my family, and my future employees. I've relied on the decisions of other people too many times, and have had too many "unhappy endings". Now I'm building a brand of my own and it's as exciting as it is stressful. Happy ending eminent.

Nutsack Foods is still a one man operation, but sales are steadily increasing at the market, the retail stores, and online. I've grown from selling nuts at one coffee shop to almost forty locations in less than two years. This is validation that people love my brand, my concept, and my nuts. It also means that I'll need to hire some fun and nutty people soon, to help take Nutsack Foods to the next level. Very cool, if you ask me.

So this Labor Day, I honor the entrepreneurs who drive change and create jobs. It's not easy, sometimes is sucks, and many people think we're nuts, but that's fine with me.

Please take a moment to 'Like' or 'Share' this article with your small business owner friends, and any friends who appreciate the efforts of the small business owners across the globe. It's a labor of love and we love your support.

Thanks for reading,
Bill Sutherland
Life as a #NutBOSS.

Show Us Your Nuts to Win More Nuts!

14 May, 2016

Jess-Nauman Happy Nutsack Family

People love sharing their Nutsack photos on Instagram, so we decided to turn the experience into a fun weekly contest. We call it Free Sack Friday.

To enter, just buy a Nutsack, snap a photo containing the "sack", and post it on Instagram with the tag #NutsackFoods. That's it. One lucky nut lover will win an Original Nutsack of their choice. We even pay the shipping.

We select a winner every Friday and announce it on Facebook and Instagram. Yes, you could be Nutsack famous. How nuts it that?

So grab a Nutsack at one of our many retail locations, the Uptown Farmer's Market, or shop online and post away.

Previous Free Sack Friday Winners

Oh, and place your online order on a Friday and we'll throw in a Mini Nutsack, FOR FREE!

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