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The Health Benefits Of Pecans

09 May, 2021

Pecans are a high-quality source of protein, healthy fatty acids, and dietary fiber that can help keep stay energized. Pecans are also an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which work together to help lower your blood pressure. Pecans are so healthy that they have been certified as a “Heart-Healthy Food” by the American Heart Association!

The Health Benefits Of Cashews

18 April, 2021

When people think of “healthy” foods, they often think of fruits and vegetables, not realizing that nuts offer a variety of health benefits. We're here to change that.

The Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds

03 March, 2021

Pumpkin seeds supply a variety of health benefits and make great snacks. Oh, and unlike chips, these delicious little seeds are healthy for the whole family. 😋

The Keto Mix Nutsack - Add healthy flavor to your Keto Diet

03 February, 2021

Ready to add some flavor to your Keto Diet? The ketogenic, or keto diet is a low carbohydrate, moderate protein, high fat dietary plan that is designed to convert your body into a fat-burning machine.

Starting FRESH in 2021

28 January, 2021

After SIX nutty years, Nutsack Foods is making some exciting changes to bring you the best nuts you'll ever put in your mouth.

Check out all these NEW changes — we couldn't be more excited!

Seven Health Benefits Of Almonds

27 May, 2020

Almonds make a sweet, tasty addition to your diet and provide a variety of health benefits. Almonds grow on trees native to the Mediterranean, Northern Africa and Southern Europe. Almond trees thrive in sunny dry and warm climates and were introduced to California from Spain in the 1700's by Franciscan Monks. California is the only US state that produces almonds commercially and produces over 2.2 billion pounds each year.

Spring Training Necessities

20 February, 2018

It's time once again for Spring Training in Arizona and Robyn Moore from Mack Media Relations put together a nice little segment on AZTV's AZ Daily Mix to get you ready for the games.

13 Reasons Why

07 November, 2017

We put together thirteen reasons why you need to grab a Nutsack today! Learn which nut has the most antioxidants, why you should thank the bees, and which nut shell is actually toxic.

The SKYLER IRVINE Show with Bill Sutherland

10 October, 2017

I sat down with Skyler Irvine to talk about nuts, friends, farmer's markets, Shop on the Hill, San Francisco verses Phoenix and why I started this nutty little snack food company.

Nutsack Foods on AZTV7's Arizona Daily Mix

28 March, 2017

Here is the Arizona Daily Mix segment about Nutsack Foods that aired on March 27th 2017. Learn about how we got started and what's next for this nutty company.
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