About Nutsack Foods

Hey, I’m Bill, owner of Nutsack Foods. Years ago I became friends with a nut roaster who had the best nuts in town and I knew I had to start a business selling them. I dreamt about doing it for years but always had a 'job' that got in the way.

Then in November 2014, eleven months after I lost my father to cancer, I lost my job. I saw it as a sign to make a change, so I went after my dream of starting a business selling those nuts. It would be my chance to take control of my future while doing something fun and meaningful.

I just needed a name. It needed to be short, simple, fun, and edgy. The name Nutsack kept coming up and just seemed to work at every level, so Nutsack Foods was born, and my life has been, well, nuts ever since.


A Nutsack™ is a hand stamped, conversation starting paper sack filled with the freshest, tastiest nuts you’ll ever put in your mouth.

My regular customers tell me they bought their first Nutsack because of the name, but now they buy them because the nuts are the best they’ve ever had. Yes, they’re that good. My roaster has mad skills.

In two years I’ve gone from selling Nutsacks online to having a booth at multiple farmer’s markets in the Phoenix area, over forty retail locations across the US, and my own retail store in Cave Creek, Arizona I call the Shop on the Hill.

So join me on my journey to spread humor & health by grabbing my nuts. It will put a smile on your face and you’ll love the nuts.

Remember, “You never forget your first Nutsack”™

Bill Sutherland
Chief Executive Nut


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Let’s find a cure for cancer

Dave Sutherland

Cancer sucks. Period. So I donate a portion of our yearly profit to The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation in my father’s name to fund cancer research. With your help, I’m hopeful we’ll find a cure. Learn more...