Nuts for the Holidays

06 December, 2018

Many of us stuff our faces with delicious nuts every holiday season, without a second thought. We share nut gifts, serve them at parties, and simply enjoy them upon the couch while enjoying a long Netflix bender.

We also cook them and enjoy them in a plethora of desserts, fit for royalty. Food is the essence of the holiday, and some nuts seem to be more prevalent during the season than others, leading us to buy and gift Christmas nuts in mass quantities!

Christmas Traditions

As a whole, we look forward to traditional foods this time of year, and we eat them in just about every way that can be imagined. Heck -- we even have a traditional dolls built for the purpose of cracking nuts!

The traditional soldier figure originated in Germany, in the 15th century, and is prized as a true symbol of Christmas and good fortune! Most notably, they inspired the very famous Christmas ballet, The Nutcracker.

This alone secured them in our hearts for the holidays, cracking them fresh and eating them with great fervor, but they also have different forms of significance all over.

Nuts and Folklore

Nuts have traditional significance in part due to the fact that they are largely harvested immediately before the holidays. However, it largely depends on who you ask, as many people have built traditions based on folklore and religion.

Prior to Christmas, on St. Nicholas’ feast day, it is a European tradition that good children get treats of nuts and oranges left in their shoes brought by St. Nick himself! They even played games such as “scrambling for nuts” where St. Nick would bring a bag full of goodies and threw them about the room for children to collect and enjoy.

It is also said that a good nut harvest brings good fertility and many children the following year. As such, nuts became a symbol of fertility and thus became traditional during the Winter season.

Either way, we find that nuts are a delicious snack that will please even the most picky eaters among us. Many people simply opt for sweet or spicy nuts as an appetizer to their Christmas or Holiday feasts! If you haven’t already, check out our collection of Nutsacks and serve up gifts of spicy or mixed nuts for your gift exchanges!

After all, if you are good, you deserve some nuts in your shoes! Or at least a Nutsack in your face.

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