Ultra-Fresh Roasted Nuts

“You never forget your first Nutsack”


Happy Holidays!

Nutsacks make the perfect gift for everyone on your naughty & nice lists.

Plus, all Shirts, Hats and Cups are on sale for 15% off, so grab a few Nutsacks and add a little Merch to round out your holiday gift shipping! 

Grab a Nutsack

The Nut Boss

Meet the Nut Boss

Hey I’m Bill, Chief Executive Nut at Nutsack Foods, the seriously fun nut company that puts health and happiness in a sack.

People with a passion for freshness and flavor love grabbing my nuts and popping them in their mouth.

If you’re a nut lover, or know someone who is, grab a sack today and find out why “You never forget your first Nutsack”.

Read the Nutsack Foods Story here

BTW... I toss in a Mini Nutsack for FREE with every order. Hand it to a friend or horde it all to yourself. I won’t judge.

Now crackin’ on the Blog:

Picking the Right Roasted Nut Mix for Your Family

Freshly roasted nut mixes are a great snack option for busy families. They provide an energy boost while also being low in fat and high in protein. However, choosing the right nut mix can be tricky. Read more for some tips on choosing the best roasted nut mix for your family.

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The Nutsack Merch

Let the world know you love the sack by grabbing some Nutsack Merch.

Nutsack Retail Partners

We’ve partnered with the finest hotels, boutiques, coffee shops, wine bars, taprooms, golf courses and specialty markets all across the US so you can grab a Nutsack in person, you know, when the urge hits.

The Farm Store - Agritopia

3000 East Ray Road, Gilbert, AZ 85296

The Farm Store is your Agritopia shop for local gifts and goods, including Nutsacks. Open daily from 7am-7pm and located west of the larger...
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Visit our Retail Partners page to find a location near you, or grab a sack online.

Enjoy Nutsacks at these fine hotels and many more Retail Partners all across the US.